Did you notice that there are a lot of people who are kind of lonely, maybe you are one of them?

You started a new job in a new town, you just got divorced, whatever the reason, at a certain point in your life it is not all that easy to make new friends.

If you are not the type for the gym classes or don’t have the money to join certain hobby groups, You don’t want to go on Tinder because you are not looking for a date but just for friends to hang out with, to share your thoughts, your worries and your successes, Friends who understand you, support you and for whom you can do the same. where do you go to get to know new people

When I started my property journey some years ago I didn’t know anybody in England, but doing something being part of groups of like-minded people it was easy to make new friends, that is the reason I wanted to create something that can give you and me the same.

I really want to create a community and show you how to create it so you can create later on your own community.

In this community you will find your new friends, if you are working all with a similar goal in mind it is so stimulating to be part of a small elite group, you have a chance to exchange your experiences learn from each other and also meet each other at the big company events.

Imagine how nice that would be, you have known each other in the on-line class, you have got to learn to know each other in the FB community, you feel connected and then one day you will be there at the event with your little community your new friends and in the meantime, you are creating an extra income for yourself.

For me NMW is all about creating a nice inner circle, to great this community sense, obviously, you need to grow your team but I am convinced that when you have a small group of dedicated people and they will create their own small group of dedicated people the rest will follow, it is about creating a solid base, be sure to get to know all the inn and outs of how it works and most of all have fun, enjoy your journey and start feeling connected instead of feeling lonely!.

And I assure you the NMW can be lonely, the rejection, the fact that other people don’t see the effort you invest in your company, people who can’t wait to tell you “ I told you so”, the not completely understanding how things work... the getting frustrated, Thinking you are at a nice level and something happens to you down the line and you fall backward. If you have to process that all by yourself it is often easier to give up, you see why a good support group can make the difference? You will learn that it doesn’t depend on you, it is part of the game, you will help each other and find ways together to overcome obstacles.

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