Learn to Handle Rejection

When you start your new business, you will probably be enthusiastic about your new adventure, you believe in your products or service and see the opportunities.

You realise also that you know a lot of people who could benefit from this as well and you start talking about it, with your family, your friends.

And then you will get a lot of negative reactions;

...people are not interested,

...they will tell you that it won’t work,

...that it is nothing for them,

...that they have tried it/heard about it/ know people who have done it

You tried to tell yourself that they don’t reject YOU, but they rejected your product, service, or business. And that you shouldn't take it personally.

But who are we kidding here?

When you put your heart and soul into something, and they say "NO" - no matter how you cut it, this feels personal.

It makes you sad, uncertain, and maybe you start to think that they could be right.

Bottom line - rejection burns.

Instead of putting yourself in a situation where they could reject you... you take back the control of the situation.

You need to get crystal clear with yourself about the fact that you can help them with your products and your business.

That they have problems and YOU are the one who has a solution to help them solve it.

Make it that they need you. You don’t need them.

You have to feel it and project this with every fiber of your being.

There are plenty of prospects out there. But there's only ONE of you.

You need a marketing game plan to promote your business in a way where they come to you.

Make them curious, show them what you are doing by doing it, make them aware of the changes you are making in your life, talk about it without proposing anything, make it something unique and you are the lucky one who have access to it, become the expert.

You have to become the authority, the professional in your business.

Because when we go to see a professional, they are the ones with authority. And we listen.

Then they will come to you and will want to know more, join you and then it will be you who decides who you want to work with.

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