Online Masterclass

Within the Masterclass, our coaches will guide you step-by-step in the realization of your new business.
• Support, coaching, weekly updates what is happening in the company, monthly webinars, group calls with the other master-classers.

• A step by step scheme and guidance with every part of the journey.

• Learn how to talk to people – how to explain the possibilities -how to do a ‘cold call’.

• Create scripts, material for your local business info and what is needed to start this business.

• Learn how to set up your network business on-line and off-line.

• Accountability, your fellow classmates will help you to get you over your doubts, your fears and to keep you on track and you will do the same for them

• A closed FB community to share your experiences, gain support and connect with likeminded people.

Why am I offering this for free?

• Because your success is my success, that is how it works in network marketing

• I am happy to share my knowledge and expertise to help you achieve what you want and at the same time grow my own business as well

• I love helping people, to use my coaching skills to help you become successful is an exciting opportunity. It really is win win for both of us.

• I prefer to have 20 highly motivated people who are willing to commit and create a lively community together, instead of having 100 people who are not active.

Would you like to know more?

Click Here to get access to your Free Masterclass Guide.

What is expected of you?

Become part of my team

Working in a small team is an important factor in achieving success. We expect friendly people with supportive input and a desire to grow.

 Download the 'Cashback' app

Become a user of the product that you promote, that way you will easily be able to explain the benefits and uses when promoting it to others.

 Be committed to yourself

Our community is dedicated to learning and growing, it is important that we individually bring commitment towards ourselves and others.

 Be helpful to other team mates

Sharing experiences to support eachother is crucial to becoming a healthy, vibrant community of people who all want to become successful.

 Be willing to do whatever it takes

We are go-getters, the masterclass group is for those who are willing to do anything it takes to achieve their goals and to also help others.

 Attend online and in person events

Join your fellow community members online or at events to get inspired, learn, share ideas and meet people from all over the world.

How Do I Participate?

To join my team you'll only have to follow the instructions below. Once you've signed up for you own cashback card and after having completed the questionnaire we will schedule a phone interview. Through the interview we will discover together if this community fits you and, based on the outcome, you might become part of my Masterclass!
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(for Android: Visit Google Play Store and search Cashback App)
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