Everyone fails...

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something but I can’t accept not trying"

And whether people admit it or not, most are scared to fail.

For some, especially those who are really hard on themselves making a mistake is like the end of the world.

Many think making a mistake is a failure. And since we don't want to fail, to avoid risking it, we're afraid to even try.

This happens unconsciously for a lot of people. And that (along with self-doubt) is exactly what keeps people stuck.

We will tell ourselves all kind of different stories and invent excuses for not really starting your business.

How can you change that?

There is a quick way to get yourself out of this mental funk and stop sabotaging yourself.

Redefine mistakes and failure, by replacing what it really means.

And that is – feedback, a learning point.

When you take action and don't get the result you wanted, what do you have?

You have a new understanding.

"Well, this approach didn't work."

So you take a different one and make a course correction.

Just like driving down the street and missing your turn.

Your GPS starts screaming at you... "Go 50 feet and make a right."

It doesn't say... "You failed as a driver, we'll never make it to the destination, turn around and go back home."

I know this is a silly analogy but isn't that exactly how we talk to ourselves when things don't go our way?

Stop it. And start looking at your results as the feedback you need to change course in your direction, to change your approach.

As long as you do, you can't fail. So there's no risk in taking action and going for it.

Avoiding failing is to avoid making progress.

If you fail or make mistakes is an opportunity to begin again this time more wisely.

Strive for progress, not perfection.

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