How do you feel about the network marketing profession?

Do you actually feel embarrassed about being involved with network marketing, are you avoiding the subject with certain people in your life are you afraid of reactions from other people?

First of all network marketing is not only for people who are uneducated or can’t get a normal job but it is also a choice to have more control over your life and get out of the rat-race by working long hours and only have a weekend to live.

In the network marketing business, you will find former CEO’s, former doctors, former engineers, former all kind of professionals, people who wanted to make a change in their lives because they were not happy with where they were.

You have all the reason to be proud of yourself that you have the guts to make a change in your life.

Three important processes to deal with the negativity from people around you and maybe even from yourself.


  • Change your mind-set


Think of something BIG you've accomplished in your life—like going to school, attaining higher degrees, ambitious projects at work, or running a marathon.

You were able to achieve because you believed

Even though it was difficult, even though it was challenging, even though it was daunting, you accomplished it.

Basically, you committed to the fact that you could do it, and then you figured out “how” along the way.

You have to fortify your mindset and believe your network marketing opportunity is the real deal.

If you have any doubts, or you think…

“Well, I don't know if people join my business because it is hard to understand

…then you just killed your business.

If you have any doubts about your abilities or your compensation plan…

…then you won’t get far.

If you see people around you and you think…


“People were successful before, but, I don't see a lot of people successful in my company now.”


Sometimes these concerns are legitimate, not all the companies are the same but regardless, the result is the same…

You're categorically sabotaging your success by having these doubts going through your mind.


  • Be honest and realistic



In every industry and profession, there are shady practices, this happens as well in network marketing, people do unethical things all the time in all kind of industries look at Wall Street or Real Estate for example.

Use the negativity as a symptom of the real problem of what people are doing wrong in this industry, somebody at some point in the history of network marketing did something stupid that created a ripple effect, as we all know negativity makes much more of an impression then positivity, people won’t forget a mistake easily.

My point of view is to do something about the poor image of the industry by creating a system that teaches how to create a real business and legitimize our profession, it is up to you to build a real and honest business.


  • Build a real business



Approaching strangers, or people in a social setting, with a hidden agenda to get them into your business, is not how a real business operates. This will put people off and strengthen their idea of how they see the world of network marketing.

Start by yourself, start becoming passionate about your product and service, start using it yourself and by showing others what it does for you, they will become interested and they will approach you to know more.

Talk about your new business without being pushy, without constantly prospecting, add value to other people’s life and most of all when you sign someone up , give them follow up, help them understand the system be there for them, be sure they will become as enthusiastic as you, that way you can create a ripple effect of a positive view on the profession.

Sometimes “ old school leaders” want to condition you to label anyone as negative people who don’t get it, as looser and push them aside. Please don’t ever do that, always respect other people, you never know what is behind their decision, we marketers are not a special elite group in our society, we just have a different point of view which we believe in and are proud of, but that doesn’t mean that people who think differently are worthless.

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