Self-doubt, how it can help you

Self-doubt can kill your business before you even get started, but it can also help you to understand which way to go, what you need to feel more secure and pushes you to become more competent.

Self-doubt is most of all what you tell yourself, the word in itself says it already, you are doubting yourself and it is you who is planting these thoughts in your head.

It is completely normal that in the beginning, you are not the expert yet, you are new to the business, there is a lot to learn and even if you have a very good sponsor he or she will help you understand how the business works.

But still, it is you who have to start talking to people, explaining, getting them interested and especially, in the beginning, you won’t be perfect.

Your presentations won’t be flawless, maybe you won’t be able to answer some questions, you realised that there was a lot you don’t know yet and that can make you feel insecure.

This can really help you to understand what you need to learn, here the self-doubt or better what you are telling yourself can help you to get clear what you have to learn to be able to get it better next time.

Give yourself time, be kind to yourself and see your whole start as a learning process, be kind to yourself, be careful how you talk to yourself.

Don’t tell yourself that you are stupid, that you can’t do it, compliment yourself that you tried, that you learned, that next time you will be more prepared.

Start with the idea that you go for 50 people who would say no and who won’t be interested in your business, those 50 people are there for you to help you get confidence and competence and then you arrive at the point that you will feel competent and that people start to see you as the expert and will become really interested in what you are doing.

Give yourself this time to learn, don’t get upset from all the success stories and you are still not even in the ranking, that is how it works.

It is like you learned to walk, when you fell the first time, nobody was beating you up saying that you are stupid, that you won’t ever be able to walk, you got up, you enjoyed yourself and you tried again.

Use this simple parallel for setting up your business, step by step, you will get rid of your self-doubt because

Competence breeds confidence

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